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STD Roller® Quad Frames

STD (Skating Technical Development) currently has a complete range of products designed, developed and manufactured in its own headquarters in Spain. State-of-the-art and high-tech materials are used in all the brand's products. The contributions of professional skating technicians and athletes play a big part in the development and evolution of all STD products. STD roller skating equipment is suitable for all levels of roller figure skating sports from beginner and novice skaters through World Games athletes of all ages. Most frames can also be used for serious recreational and derby activities, too.


Help us to keep our prices low by avoiding unnecessary returns/exchanges due to improper sizing. Please make sure you are chosing the correct plate size before ordering. If you are unsure about your measurements, we provide information on how to measure boots to order skates. Please feel free to contact us with questions about measurements or frame sizing. 

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