Spiral / Champ® Wheels


Champ® (now Spiral®) - the indoor artistic inline wheels you shouldn't miss!


Have you ever experienced your wheels slipping while skating in a gym?  Or experienced your strokes becoming less responsive on a wooden skating surface? 

Most of the floors of indoor skating rinks/gyms are made of wood, and a few are composed of rigid plastic sheets.  In some modern multifunctional arenas, we also see synthetic ice surfaces (Viking Ice® or XTRAICE®) being used for both roller skating and ice skating.  There is one thing in common with these skating surfaces - skaters feel that they are slippery and that makes their footwork difficult.

There are at least two reasons for this result.  First, the moisture on the wood floor and on the plastic floor makes the spinning wheels slippery.  Secondly, very limited friction from the glossy fine lacquer painted on the wood board speeds up the gliding.

Wooden floors, with their nature substance that absorbs impact and reflects rebounding, also make the skaters feel like their strokes are less responsive when compared to outdoor skating grounds.   As a consequence, the wheels you use outdoors might not be able to bring you the same performance when you skate indoors.

The facts -

  1. Champ®/Spiral® uses high grade SHR (Super High Rebound) polyurethane from BASF with a special formula created by wheels lab in California, USA.  The rebounding percentage measures up to 80% to offset the shock absorption by nature wood boards.

  2. Although it has a softer durometer hardness of 84A, Champ® still offers excellent gripping and edge control in all footwork.

  3. Champ®/Spiral has been proven to be a wear-resisting and tear-resisting artistic inline wheel after a long-running test.


Champ®/Spiral® - An optional wheel selection for Snow White® 
frame and all our complete inline figure outfits for
indoors/wooden surfaces.


Wheel size available in: 64mm/68mm/72mm

Durometer: 84ARebound: Super High Rebound

PU Color: Orange – Now Clear

Pad print: Gold/Silver – Nõw Black/Red

Order a set of 6 


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