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Skate Boot Sizing

For the best possible skate fit, use these simple instructions on how to measure for skates. Once you have your measurements, include them in the options notes with your order. 


Please remember:

All measurements must be taken with the skater wearing the type of socks or tights that they will use when they skate in their boots.

Try to get someone else to measure your feet. While leaning forward to reach down and measure, your weight is improperly balanced.

All brands have their sizing charts calibrated for a competitive fit. This means toes will be slightly touching the inside of the boot. If you have questions about sizing please contact us. We will be happy to help you!


Step #1

Begin by standing on a sheet of paper with weight on the ball of feet and tracing both feet in centimeters or millimeters. When tracing, keep the pen perpendicular to the paper—don’t curve it under the foot. Be sure to trace both feet! One foot may be slightly wider, narrower, shorter, longer, etc., than the other.

Step #2

Measure the actual traced length from the tip of the longest toe to the center of the heel (the longest part of each foot). One foot may be longer than the other.

Step #3

Measure the actual distance across the ball or widest part of the foot tracing for each foot.  One foot may be wider than the other.

Step #4

Measure the actual circumference all the way around the widest part of each foot. One foot may be thicker than the other.

Step #5

Let us know if you think the skater's feet will grow in the next 6 months, and we will allow a reasonable amount for growth.   


Send these metric measurements in the notes on your order form, so your boot size can be confirmed. If you already have skates and are replacing equipment or ordering for cross training, please let us know.

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