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No... we are NOT a brick and mortar store, although we used to be. specializes in custom inline figure skates.

We also carry a selection of skates and accessories suitable for quad figure, quad ice, quad derby and quad jam roller skating. We offer custom equipment from the world's leading inline and quad skate plate and frame manufacturers including Snow White®, Pic®, RollSkates® and RollLine®.

We are the United States distributor for the Belati® Line of Custom roller and ice figure boots.and we have access to the top ice and roller boots from Edea® and Risport®.

Whether you are an inline, quad or ice figure skater, jam roller skater or derby player,

we have select custom equipment for you.

This store does not stock a big selection of everything. But, we do custom order and assemble the competitive skates you need at a very reasonable price. The Sk8gear Store is not just another online skate shop.

We are owned and operated by an active roller sports coach ready to read your email, take your call, and answer your inline and quad skate questions.

There is no charge for phone and/or email consulting about your equipment needs.

No, we don't have non-stop ads, sales and clearances...

but occasionally new equipment news and special E-deals may be available for Sk8gear equipment customers.

Our specials can be delivered directly to your email address.

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