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DIY Mounting G H® Inlines

If you have never mounted inline, ice or roller skates, we recommend that you get a mounting referral from your coach, contact us at Sk8gear or see your skating center pro shop. Any of these resources will provide you with more information and can usually provide satisfactory mounting and assembly services on site or by referral at a reasonable price.


Mounting your G H® inline frames is not difficult for most brands of boots. The proper hardware is provided with each frame set for traditional boot mounting like ice skates or special mounting needed for Edea or other brands with an extremely thin front sole. Frame mounting is just like blade mounting as shown on our other mounting page. This guide was developed using manufacturer's video clips to help with the extra steps needed for Edea boots. 

USE CAUTION when mounting GH Inline Frames onto boots other than the ones with super light soles (Edea, GH, Risport light etc) :

  1. Please ensure you use a 1mm drill bit to pre-drill the holes.

  2. For the heel you need to drill enough for the whole length of the self-locking screw.

  3. For the front sole you only need to drill enough for half the length of the self-locking screw.


If you are using Edea/Risport boots with the extra light soles:

Make sure you pull the tongue out of the way when using 5mm drill bit at the front part of the sole otherwise you may risk damaging the tongue.


If you have ice skates, you can use them as a model for placement. Do not use quad roller skate mounting as a placement model. If you have any special needs when installing plates or blades, be sure to consult your coach or equipment specialist before mounting.

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