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DIY Assembly of Snow White® Inlines

If have never assembled inline, ice or roller skates, we recommend that you check with your coach, contact us at Sk8gear or see your skating center pro shop. They will provide you with more information and can usually provide satisfactory mounting and assembly services on site or by referral.


Assembling your Snow White® inline frames is easy. This guide was developed using a combination of manufacturer's and customer's information. Many prefer to mount the un-assembled frame first, and then assemble wheels and other parts.



  • T-shaped allen hand tools



  • Wheels

  • Bearings

  • Bearing spacers

  • Wheel bolts

  • Wheel bolt screws

  • Toe stops

1. Insert bearing

Insert a bearing into the wheel's core.

2. Insert spacer

Turn the wheel upside down to insert an aluminum bearing spacer.

3. Add the second bearing

Insert the second bearing into the wheel's core. You must repeat steps 1-3 for each individual wheel.

4. Add wheels

The plastic toe stop block was pre-installed, so you can start assembling the wheels to the frame. Note: At this time only the front and middle wheels can be assembled.  The rear wheel must wait until the frame mounting is complete. The dot of blue plastic on each of the wheel bolt screws is called Nylok®, and it helps prevent the screws from loosening from the bolts. Continue screwing when you feel resistance from the Nylok® on the screws.

5. Position toe stop

Set the toe stop stem at the opening of block. Gently screw the toe stop up to the top at this time, and you can adjust it to suit your skating needs later.

6. Screw in toe stop

Set the long tapered screw and use the T-shaped allen hand tool to screw it in. You don't need to screw tightly until time to skate. 

7. Mount boot to frame

Use mounting instructions and set your frame to the proper position under your boot sole. You will need  to drill screw holes on the sole and heel before you mount the frame.  Use 1/2" screws for the front support flanges and 5/8" screws for the rear support platform. Leave 1-2mm if space between the end of the frame and the end of the boot heel.

Install and lock the rear wheel after the frame is mounted. Skate for a couple of minutes to verify the proper toe stop position. Then use your T-shaped allen hand tool to lock the toe stop in place. When you feel resistance, screw it as hard as you can. The hex concave on this screw head is deep enough to eliminate concerns about stripping the screw head. Failure to tighten this screw may allow the toe stopper to come loose while skating.


Many prefer to mount the un-assembled frame first, and then assemble wheels and other parts.

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