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Inline Figure Skating Safety

There are many things that you can do to make your skating activities safer. Inline figure skaters often use thier skates as an art as well as transportation, since inline figure skates are designed to perform both indoors and outdoors. It is your responsibility to maintain your eequipment, know your skill level and skate in locations that you have the skills to handle.


Before Skating:


  • The first thing on the list of things that make skating safe is good skating. Get support for your training by finding local clinics and skating groups. If you are looking for more formal training, check out your local skating rink for reliable group or private instruction from a certified inline skating instructor, ice skating instructor or roller sports coach.

  • Check your equipment for wear, replace pics, stoppers, wheels or other parts as needed.

  • Be certain set screws are in place after rotating or replacing pics, stoppers or wheels.

  • Make sure to stretch before every skating session.



When Skating:


  • Wear a helmet and other protective gear for outdoor skating.

  • Learn how to slow down, maneuver and stop in a safe area before skating in any areas with pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Clear your indoor or outdoor skating area of dust, dirt or debris before practicing.

  • Be courteous of other skaters, pedestrians and any one sharing the skating surface.

  • Announce passing intentions on roads or trails.

  • When you want to advance your skills, practice in an area that is safe for you and others.

  • Keep your skates under control at all times.

  • Have fun!

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