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G H Semi-Custom Boot Sizing

For the best possible skate fit for G H boots, use these simple instructions on how to measure and photograph both of your feet.  All photographs should be clear, in focus and must show both the LEFT AND RIGHT BARE FEET. Using a METRIC RULER, stand on a white sheet of paper with your order name and number printed so it shows in each foot photo. 

This additional information and questions will be collected via email after you have placed an inline, ice or roller figure skate order and have an order number for complete skates or boots only. Quad street skates only need answers to questions in bold:

  1. How old is the skater? Skater's weight and height? This information will help determine if the model ordered is stiff enough to support the skating.

  2. What's their skating level: eg. single, double, triple jumps.

  3. Does the skater prefer a snug fit or boots with some wiggle room?

  4. How much room for growth does the skater need?

  5. Does the skater want stiffer tongues or normal ones?

  6. Is the skater flat footed?

  7. What brand of boots are being used now?

Please circle any spots in the photos that show where the skater feels pain in their current boots.

Email these photos along with your order number and the additional information above, so your size can be confirmed.

Please measure your feet using the following instructions with PDF instructions sheets: 

  1. Must use transparent tape to fix the ruler to avoid moving when you step on it. 

  2. Putting ruler against the wall with “0” as starting point, not with “30” as starting point. Stepping on the ruler by touching the wall slightly. Don’t stand with any distance from the wall. 

  3. Make sure the numbers and markings on the ruler are easy to read and not fuzzy at all before sending the pictures to us. We will request you to retake the photos if the figures are fuzzy and we have a hard time to read them. 

  4. Absolutely not wearing socks when you measure your feet. 

  5. Please use Metric solid ruler, don’t use Imperial or soft cloth ruler or it’s hard for us to give you correct size. 

  6. Don’t use a compressed file to send us your photos, please use jpg or pdf files which are easier for us to get your pictures, otherwise we might need to request you to send again if we cannot open the files. 

If you have any more questions about sizing your G H boots, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!


Step #1

Put your easy to read METRIC ruler against the wall first. Then place your foot on the ruler with your heel against the wall, too. 


Step #2

Take a picture of this to send to us. You must lean forward to take this picture FOR BOTH FEET with a vertical angle to get the correct length.


Step #2a

You must lean forward to take the picture with a vertical angle, otherwise you will get the incorrect foot length which will be longer than your actual foot length.


Step #2b

Be sure to send us a picture of the ruler against the wall without your foot, so the boot fitter can see how much additional space needs to be added to your foot length.


Step #3

Place the widest part of EACH FOOT on the ruler, and take these pictures to get the correct widths of your feet. 


Step #4

Raise you pants legs at this wider angle and take these pictures to view the correct width of your foot. 


Step #5

Please take a picture of the outside view of both your RIGHT AND LEFT foot from heel to toe.


Step #6

Include pictures of the inside view of BOTH FEET, too.


Step #7

We need to see a picture of your heel from a 45° angle as well. Send all photos of BOTH FEET to with your order number and question answers. 

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