STD Skill LGC Frame

STD Skill LGC Frame

STD SKILL is a skate base for strictly professional use, ensuring the best performance thanks to its innovative and ultra lightweight structure;It also offers the best response in the elastic range of professional products STD, making it leaner and faster. The Base is special Alcoa aluminum, is obtained by CNC; This material has a lower coefficient of expansion and a quicker response to stress. The particular form of the base guarantees a correct position and a perfect support of the boot, and thus a higher sensitivity and stability for the athlete. And the Special front and rear slotted hole allows, in the first stage of montage, the ideal for the athlete centered. These skates are specially designed for the performance required for the ROLLART system.



  • Artistic Dance
  • Freestyle
  • Rollart


FRAME SIZES: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19



  • Steering: STD mechanism adjustable by clicks A centimeter lower than a normal skate, Base with the Toe Stops 0.5 cm closer to the front axle than a normal skate. LGC (Low Gravity Center)
  • Suspension: elastomer with an extra set.
  • Base: Alcoa aluminum alloy.
  • King Pin: Alcoa aluminum alloy.
  • Truck: aluminum with axle, locknut and pivot of titanium. Adjustable pivot. Safety screw. Millimetric adjustment with nut toothed and numbered.
  • Toe Stops: Super Professional adjustable in natural rubber and elastomer inclined toward
  • Professional keys kit for regulation included.
  • Chromed and polished Rainbow color.


* Toe stops are half centimetre closer to the front axle than a normal skate, Base half a centimetre longer than a normal. skate.


Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive this item. We will contact you if the expected shipping time is longer.


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