STD Carbon Jeweled Dance Frame

STD Carbon Jeweled Dance Frame

STD CARBON DANCE JEWELLED frames are decorated with 500 bright SS20 Chrystal. This elegant and unique design for those athletes who like to wear a touch of class to your skates. These frames are specially designed for the dance and show. disciplines. They help control curves efficienty and allow a skater to make large or small radius edges at high speeds.· They also maintain and tilt axis, allow high adhesion without skidding and allow quick turns on the axis without loss of stability itself. The curvature of the front provides better support of the boot and the arc shape for greater elastic response.


This model features custom Swarovski insert with brand guarantee. 



  • Artistic
  • Dance


FRAME SIZES: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18



  • Carbon Fiber and Allutex Base

  • Natural color of varnished Allutex fibber.

  • Aluminum alloy trucks by extrusion with axes and pivots in titanium.

  • King Pins, numbered adjusting bolts, safety screws, and pivot locking

    nuts manufactured in Ergal.

  • Suspensions of Polyurethane in 9 combinations.

  • Super Professional Toe Stops Super Light.

  • The base is curved to fit the boot sole, the front and rear anchor holes are designed to center the skate in the forward / back direction before attaching the skate to the boot.

  • Toe stops inclined toward the inside of the boot have right and left foot

  • Pin King angle with base > 17’5º.


Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive this item. We will contact you if the expected shipping time is longer.

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