G H Street Noble Quads

G H Street Noble Quads

These G H Street Noble quad skates are recommended for outdoor roller figure skating or for advanced recreational indoor or outdooor street skaters who need more maneuverability for more advancedtricks and dance edging moves. The Street Noble features comfortable, semi-custom made boots with cold-resistant outsoles. The G H split leather upper and soft velour lining is known for comfort that prevents skaters' problems with ankle pain due to constant friction. The ultra-light outsoles and heels make the boots lighter, so that moves and actions can be more easily achieved. Noble boots provide even better support than Magic so that you can perform more advanced dance moves and  tricks. And they look great, too!


  • Performance: Single/Axel jumps
  • Support rate: 40
  • Optional colors for leather upper boots: black/dark blue/dark purple/beige/ red/pink/light blue/green
  • Wheels hardness: 80-82A
  • Wheels color: dark blue/black/purple/red/green/gold/solid gold
  • All boot colors of Noble come with 65mm Gold road wheels.,For other colors, please order extra wheels. 
  • All Golden Horse Skates are semi-custom made to the size of each skater.


More entry level skaters can order the Street Magic model with standard pivots that add stability. Intermediate skaters can order the Street Magic with 360° pivot model.


Height adjustable toe stops allow you to better control your jump spikes and pivoting footwork. These quad skates come complete with toe stops, wheels, bearings and adjustment tools. You can add an extra set of G H Street wheels and/or a set of 2 toe stops in the product order options and save.


CLICK here to see boot sizing information. This additional information and questions will be collected via email after you have placed an order and have an order number for complete skates. Please make sure to use a Metric system ruler:

  1. How old is the skater?
  2. Does the skater prefer a snug fit or boots with some wiggle room?
  3. How much room for growth is needed for the skater?
  4. Does the skater want stiffer tongues or normal ones?
  5. Is the skater flat footed?


You must allow 5 working days for sizing and boot to frame assembly PLUS 7-14 days for shipping and handling (up to 19 days). 

    Extra Wheels Set
    Extra Toe Stops Set
    Boot Color