G H Loop LT Inline Figure Boots

G H Loop LT Inline Figure Boots

Your favorite inline figure frames can be packaged with this Loop LT boot from Golden Horse. The ultra-light outsoles and heels make the boots lighter, so that content and footwork can be more easily achieved. The new styling also makes the appearance of this model much more attractive and is comparable in performance to Edea Overture and Chorus. 


Support 78 – Rigid

Performance – Basic single and Double Jumps 


  • The Loop LT boot model is designed for basic level single and double jumps.
  • There are 4 color options available for the leather upper: white, pink, blue or black.
  • No need to choose a size. These boots will be sized to fit your individual foot measurements before they are mounted to an inline frame of your choice.
    No charge for assembly. But, you can choose to do your own mounting in the notes.
  • This boot will not be sold by Sk8gear without an inline frame. 



CLICK here to see boot sizing information. This additional information and questions will be collected via email after you have placed an order and have an order number for complete skates:

  1. How old is the skater?
  2. What's their skating level: eg. single, double, triple jumps.
  3. Does the skater prefer a snug fit or boots with some wiggle room?
  4. How much room for growth does the skater need?
  5. Does the skater want stiffer tongues or normal ones?
  6. Is the skater flat footed?
  7. What brand of boots are being used now?

Please circle any spots in the photos that show where the skater feels pain in their current boots.


If flat footed insoles are needed, please CLICK to add this service to your order now.


Timing is subject to frame availability.You must allow 7 working days for sizing assembly PLUS 7-14 days for shipping to our shop PLUS 7 days for mounting and shipping at Sk8gear (up to 28 days). 

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