G H Avant LT Titanium Inline Figure Frames

G H Avant LT Titanium Inline Figure Frames

The G H (Golden Horse) Avant LT Titanium Inline figure frames with titanium wheel axles are the only inline figure frames in the world that can be adjusted into 5 different rocker configurations to replicate the rockered profile of your favorite ice blades or your favorite recreational or slalom inlines. G H inlines will give you the freedom to perform edges and jumps just like on ice and is suitable for performing any level of jumps including triple jumps when paired with a boot rated for jumps of this level. Be sure to use quality ice figure skating boots with lots of support as well as solid, secure heel and sole construction for the addition of any inline figure frames.


Height adjustable toe stops allow you to better control your jump spikes and pivoting footwork. TThis frame can also use any adjustable metric threaded artistic skating toe stop, which gives you the freedom to control rebound and gives you purchase and style options when they need to be replaced. which gives you the freedom to control rebound and gives you purchase and style options when they need to be replaced. 


These frames come complete with toe stops, wheels, bearings, all mounting hardware and adjustment tools.


You can add an extra set of wheels plus a set of 2 toe stops in the product order options and save.


Use caution when mounting GH Inline Frames onto boots other than the ones with super light soles (Edea, G.H., Risport light etc) :

  1. Please ensure you use a 1mm drill bit to pre-drill the holes.
  2. For the heel you need to drill enough for the whole length of the self-locking screw.
  3. For the front sole you only need to drill enough for half the length of the self-locking screw.

If you are using Edea/Risports' boots with the extra light soles:

Make sure you pull the tongue out of the way when using 5mm drill bit at the front part of the sole, otherwise you may risk damaging the tongue. If your Edea boot does not sit flat on the frame, you may need Edea Power wedges to fill the gap in front.

PLEASE READ: The size of the frame to use will depend on the length of the sole of the boot, not the boot manufacturer's size. Measure carefully and choose the length in mm that is equal to or smaller than your boot sole length. You must include this measurement with your order, and make sure you have a profesional to mount or supervise mounting of your frame to the boot.


Please allow at least 7-14 days for shipping. 


Click here to see the mounting instructions overview video.

  • The G H frameset includes:

    This G H complete frameset includes:

    • 2 G H gold tone 3 wheeled aluminum alloy frames
    • Option of 3 or 4 wheeled aluminum alloy frames for sizes above 10
    • 2 metric threaded adjustable toe stops
    • Wheel bolts
    • Mounting hardware 
    • 6 indoor/outdoor wheels with 608 ABEC 9 bearings and hardware
G H Avant Frame Sizes
Extra Wheels/Toe Stop Set


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