Figure Sk8 Spin Board

Figure Sk8 Spin Board

The Figure Sk8 Spin board is an off-skates training device made of a simple rockered plastic that simulates the movements of inline, ice or quad skates. It helps to improve posture, balance, orientation and agility, and it is useful for warm-up exercises before training and competitions.
A Sk8 Spin Board is practical, small, can be carried everywhere and can be used by inline, ice or quad skaters from beginners to elite champions. This board is also great for all kinds of dancers including Ballerinas (and Ballerinos) as well as Jazz, Acro, Classical, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and many more artistic activities.


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    Size: length 28.5cm, width 7.8cm, thickness 1.5cm

    Color: Pink/Blue/Purple/Red/Green/Black Package included: 1 X Ballet Turnboard

    How to use the Figure Sk8 Spinner:
    Use on a hard, smooth, clean surface (but not wood as it may leave marks), and outdoors or in wide spaces for safety reasons. Place your bare foot on the Sk8 Spinner (with toes toward the wide end). Start turning and try to feel the pressure points and balance. Then push from the free leg and slowly spin.

    Which content items can you work on the Sk8 Spinner? A Sk8 Spinner will help with off skate training for any content items that require rotation.
    Sit spins, camel spins, fast spins, layback spins, inverted spins, and combination spins (both forward and backward, utilizing 2 spinners).
    Helps with training in the controlling of rotations and the landing positions.
    Figures, moves in the field: 3 turns, rockers, counters, brackets, loops, and more

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